What is Bench Guru?

At BENCH GURU™ we develop unique, affordable and healthy tools for Jewelers, Woodworkers, Dental Labs and more. Through years of research and innovation we have created the most useful and productive tools in the industries. Offering devices for designers, artists and craftsmen we employ creative and dynamic engineers and designers to bring you the best ergonomic, convenient and usable tools for your trade, craft or art.

Made in America with the finest materials and created by skilled craftsmen, technicians, programmers and artists, BENCH GURU™ gives you the advantage, superior performance and the ability to benefit from your bench!

Our tools and devices are productive assets that once you try them you’ll find that you’re at a distinct advantage over others in your field. Productivity increases, Profits increase. While others are still hindered with waste and loss, you find yourself and your employees easily and conveniently gaining the edge over your competition with Our dynamic BENCH GURU™ products.




RIO GRANDE   #329-950

Precious Metal Recovery System©

OTTO FREI and other great distributors!


Check out what some of our customers are think !

Love, Love, Love it. The vacuum helps keep my bench clean, of course, but most importantly it keeps my sinuses and face clean(not to mention my lungs). The LED lights really make it easier to see close up work with a lot less eye strain. After 40 years at the bench I thought I would have to quit soon but I think, but with the Bench Guru I may have a few years left in me.

Mia Nolan

I don’t use my flex shaft without this , I also don’t use a mask anymore, I wear a white shirt!.  I can’t believe I breathed all that Toxic C@$^*&$n and $$ ~ Precious Metals for all those years , I love love love this sucker!

Rand from Arizona

In our small workshop we recover No Less than $3000.00 per year with the PMRS© System, the units have paid for themselves over and over again with a nice check at the end of every year, it’s more than our Holiday Party money… We love it! “It’s the Most valuable addition to our workshop- most importantly no more BLACK NOSE!!!”.

– Jenny from Colorado

It is a fantastic tool or system that really works easily and is right at my hand when I need it and out of the way when I don’t – Very good for my casting cleanup and rubber wheel work, which I do a LOT of!

Steve Rogers AZ